12 May 2016

ICSC2015 photos, videos and papers are online!

On 2–4 October 2015 members of the Csound community gathered together for the 3rd International Csound Conference, held in St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunications (Russia). The conference was organized by Dr. Gleb G. Rogozinsky together with Eugene Cherny, Alex Glazkov, Dr. Lidia Ader and many other people helping with all kinds of organizational activities.

During the three days of the conference we grasped the details of the Csound 7, discussed the language’s future at the user-developer round table and learned about cutting edge uses of the Csound for interactive installations (1, 2, 3), for converting Clavia Nord Modular patches, and in different environments, including Cabbage Studio, Unity3D, Raspberry Pi, iOS, Ableton Live, Jupyter (iPython) Notebook, web browser (12), ChucK, and also live coding with Closure and Haskell. Besides the conference talks we had a live and tape concerts with music using Csound.

The detailed conference report is in the Csound Journal.

Almost all presentations and concerts are available online:

  • The conference proceedings are on Zenodo
  • Video records of talks and concerts are on YouTube
  • Photos from the conference are on Flickr

Thank everyone for participation, that was such an inspiring time being there!
See everyone on the 4th Conference in Montevideo, Uruguay!

The conference web page: http://csound.github.io/icsc2015/