17 Jul 2016

csound-vim and csound-repl

Luis Jure has released an updated version of his csound-vim plugin, and Steven Yi has released a new csound-repl plugin for live coding with Csound.

Luis’ email to the Csound mailing list describes the changes for csound-vim:

After a long time of relative inactivity, I’m happy to announce a new major release of csound-vim, a set of tools for editing Csound files with Vim.

csound-vim provides syntax recognition and highlighting, folding, auto completion, on-line reference, and templates, plus a set of macros to compile your orchestra and listen to the results without leaving the editor. These tools turn Vim, with all its editing power, into a simple but efficient Csound development environment.

Major changes in this release:

  • It’s on github! now it’s not only easy to install and update, but also to contribute code. just visit https://github.com/luisjure/csound;

  • It’s pathogen-compatible, making it very easy to install and update with pathogen or any other plugin manager, like Vundle, NeoBundle, or VimPlug;

  • now it has a formal license: it’s released under the MIT license.

Improvements, updates and new features include:

  • General clean up and update of the syntax file. lots remain to be done there, though;

  • The list of opcodes was updated to the latest release;

  • NEW FEATURE: auto-completion of opcode names with Ctl-n / Ctl-p;

  • Several minor changes and fixes.

I hope that csounders who also use vim will find it useful. comments, suggestions, ideas (and patches!) are most welcome.

Steven’s plugin is available at https://github.com/kunstmusik/csound-repl and includes Vim documentation that describes the usage of the plugin.