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Blue 2.7.0

Blue 2.7.0 is now available at:

Release notes are available on the Github download page:

The big change is the rewrite of the User Interface editor/system for BlueSynthBuilder, Effects, ObjectBuilder, and Sound SoundObjects using JavaFX (screenshots can be viewed on the Blue homepage). SoundObjects are also now shareable in BlueShare using the new program-wide SoundObject library. I think the Sound soundObject will start to play a bigger role for Blue usage moving forward and am very excited to be able to start sharing sound generator/processors this way.

Many thanks to Menno, Jan Jacob, and Nahuel for their feedback during the development of this release!

For those of you attending the Blue Workshop at the Csound Conference, I will be using 2.7.0 for the exercises and demonstrations. The next releases are currently being planned, but features like auto-caching and UPIC-style layers are on the horizon.

Thanks and enjoy!