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AmbiExplorer for Android

Hector Centeno has announced the release of AmbiExplorer, an Ambisonics file player for Android:


I just would like to share that I've been working on an app currently available in the Google Play store named AmbiExplorer. It allows you to listen to ambisonic B-Format recordings decoded as binaural stereo and stereo virtual microphones. It can do head-tracking using the internal sensors of the device or an external bluetooth tracker (BT connectivity available in the upcoming version 2). It uses Csound as the audio engine.

I didn't share the news here before because I was considering using Csound only for prototyping and later building my own sound DSP engine but for now I've decided to stick with Csound, mainly for practical reasons and because I'm interested in contributing to the development of Android Csound.

Links to two demo videos:

Version 1 demo:

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

New features in the upcoming version 2:

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Version 2 will include library handling (with option to import files from online libraries), geotagging, map view, location based playback and selection of HRTF from the LISTEN library.

The app listing in Google Play: